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With our effective and affordable debt elimination solutions, you can pave way to a debt free future for you and your family.

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Our experts possess extensive experience in successfully handling debt settlement, debt consolidation and even bankruptcy.

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Our goal is to educate and arm people with the information necessary to protect their family and assets against unlawful actions.

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  • Now I am debt free with a house that has no mortgage! Incredible what a year makes and more incredible is your knowledge, support and education! Thank you dearly. Continue reading

    David and Estelle P.

    Oxen Hill, MD

  • I am happy that you helped me rid over $45K in credit card debt and my rental for $225K. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP! THIS IS REAL FREEDOM! Continue reading

    Sterling H.

    Woodbridge, VA

  • Thanks for making Tina and I believers! Wow! We stopped the sale of our house with one of your processes. I am so glad I had the faith in your program. Continue reading

    Greg and Tina W.

    Fairfax, VA

  • Thank you for working with me. I am so lucky to find your program. I don’t know what I would do if I did not find the God sent help you provided me and my family. Continue reading

    Patricia S.

    Easton, MA

  • This process you have for my mortgage knocked my socks off. You really have it together. Thank you. Continue reading

    Ray K.

  • Your responses when I called you along with your back office support is the best of all time. I wish I found you before I wasted time with other options and companies! Continue reading

    Larry and Charlotte T.

  • Your service was a lifejacket that saved me from drowning. My family is so grateful for your service. Thank you! Continue reading

    Howard B.

  • One thing to say is that the in-depth analysis you have done is truly remarkable. Who goes that extra mile these days? Well done!! Thank you!!! Continue reading


    Provo, UT

  • Thank you Barbara and the same to the staff of Peace of Mind. We now have peace because of you all. Thanks!!! Continue reading

    Joyce T.

  • A sincere thanks to you for all of your help. I really do appreciate your work on behalf of my family. Continue reading


Debt relief & credit repair

"Eliminate Debt Painlessly"- rarely do we see these three words fit together! The very act of analyzing the stack of debts that you have accumulated over time can be quite traumatic. Sudden onset of illness, weak sales or loss of your job can easily burden your healthy financial situation and overwhelm you with debt.

The good news is that now you can easily eliminate mounting debts from your life. At Peace Of Mind, we offer the best debt solutions, including credit repair, debt elimination, debt reduction, debt management plans and more.

Be free from debt troubles

Lifting debt burden is our passion and we are dedicated to getting people out of their debt troubles. For that, we have developed a revolutionary process for helping people gain freedom from overwhelming debts, starting with the credit card.

Our debt elimination program is personalized to each of our client to make sure their unique requirements are addressed. Through the program, your financial life will be reorganized, all debts will be effectively cleared, and you will get the chance to save significant parts of your hard earned money.

Latest News  

  • 8Jun
    Official Quits FDIC to Fight Illegal Foreclosures

    Official Quits FDIC to Fight Illegal Foreclosures

    by zen  Comments (0)
    Despite the opposition of huge banks and many judges, a former Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation official continues to fight mortgage fraud in court. Eric Mains' legal battles pertain to stopping a lender from seizing his...
  • 22May
    From Foreclosures to Free Homes

    From Foreclosures to Free Homes

    by zen  Comments (0)
    There's some good news from the normally depressing world of mortgages and foreclosures. Homeowners in many states have begun to break free from predatory loans without losing their properties. How is this possible? Recent headlines...
  • 13Apr
    Foreclosures Begin to Expire, Freeing Homeowners From Loans

    Foreclosures Begin to Expire, Freeing Homeowners From Loans

    by zen  Comments (0)
    Approximately seven years have already passed since the U.S. housing crisis began to make headlines. Why is this important? Homeowners have begun to benefit from the statute of limitations on foreclosures. In some states, this...
  • 27Mar
    Homeowners to Lenders: You Will Not Foreclose on Us!

    Homeowners to Lenders: You Will Not Foreclose on Us!

    by zen  Comments (0)
    Coast to coast, desperate homeowners have become so frustrated by months, even years of lenders' backpedaling on their mortgage payment modification promises that they are sending a message loud and clear: Put your money where...
  • 28Feb
    Bankers Use Fake Documents to Seize Homes; Borrowers Fight Back

    Bankers Use Fake Documents to Seize Homes; Borrowers Fight Back

    by zen  Comments (0)
    Last March, a New York lawyer revealed that Wells Fargo was using fabricated papers to initiate foreclosures and seize properties. Some homeowners are fighting back by filing lawsuits against the national bank. Although federal authorities...

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